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java chip a la orange
Haagen Dazs
You'll need to let the candied orange zest dry overnight, but it's worth the time for its elegant pairing with the rich flavors of coffee and chocolate.

makes 4 servings.

2 large oranges
3/4 cup granulated sugar
melted bittersweet or milk chocolate for dipping
Häagen-Dazs® java chip ice cream
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with a vegetable peeler, remove wide strips of rind from one orange. score the skin of second orange in four places with a sharp knife; remove the peel in sections. with the knife, trim white pith to 1/8-inch. Cut the sections into 1/4-inch wide strips.

place all of the peel in a small saucepan (no more than 2-quart size) and cover with 2 inches of water. bring to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes. drain. repeat one more time. this removes some of the bitterness.

stack the strips made with the vegetable peeler on a cutting board. with a sharp knife, cut crosswise into fine shreds.

place sugar and 1 cup water in the saucepan. bring to a simmer until sugar dissolves. add all the peels. simmer over medium heat 10 to 15 minutes, until zest is translucent. the syrup will thicken with fine white bubbles on the surface and be reduced by about half. remove peels with a slotted spoon and spread on parchment paper or a wire rack. let dry at room temperature for 24 hours. to speed drying, place in a 200 degrees Fahrenheit oven for 20 minutes. repeat once or twice until nearly dry, but do not allow to brown. let stand at room temperature until no longer sticky.

dip wide strips in melted chocolate. dry on parchment paper.

serve bowls of java chip ice cream garnished with candied orange zest shreds and a chocolate-dipped strip.